Client & Matter Information

With PracticeEvolve you can be confident that everything you need to know about your clients and matters is neatly stored in one location. Whether it’s documents, emails, activity or financial transactions – it’s all securely accessible to your teams.

Reduce re-keying of essential transactions, with digital payment requests and approvals. Our solution enables firms to tailor their forms to match unique business requirements across all areas of law, interlinking into reports and workflows.

Email and Document Management

At PracticeEvolve we understand the importance of documents to your business. That’s why we’ve set the bar with our feature-rich document management solution. We make it simple for your legal teams to keep on top of their caseload with, drag-and-drop functionality, versioning, scanning, and full content searching.

Our seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook helps you easily manage all of your client correspondence with email auto-filing into the correct matter.

Diary, Tasks & Workflow

PracticeEvolve, with its suite of easy-to-use smart tools, builds true efficiencies into your case handling.

With our intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow designer you have the ability to automate and standardise laborious business processes, meaning that your teams work in a way that suits them and supports wider business goals.

You also have the capability to set up ad hoc tasks and manage your calendar within PracticeEvolve, ensuring that you have the flexibility to work in a way that guarantees effective and timely service to your clients.

Time & Billing

PracticeEvolve provides a comprehensive solution to meet the financial needs of your firm, while at the same time ensuring compliance with client cost agreements. From traditional time entry, allowing for easy input and tracking of billable hours against performance targets, to the latest innovations in value-based billing, we’ve got you covered.

Helping lawyers do their best work.

A game-changer for the modern law firm.

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