Software with a Service

Software with a Service2024-02-02T06:35:50+00:00

Brilliant software, with a service to match.

At PracticeEvolve, we’re not just about software – we’re committed to providing a holistic experience that empowers your legal practice. Our “Software with a Service” approach goes beyond technology, focusing on delivering comprehensive solutions that enhance your efficiency, collaboration, and client relationships.

Experience the PracticeEvolve difference.

Seamless Integration of Innovation and Support

Experience the synergy of cutting-edge software and exceptional service. Our advanced cloud-based platform is designed to streamline your workflows, from matter management to document handling and legal accounts oversight. But it doesn’t stop there – we believe that true value comes from the harmonious fusion of technology and dedicated support.

Empowering Your Success, Every Step of the Way

When you choose PracticeEvolve, you’re not just acquiring software – you’re gaining a partner committed to your success. Our team of industry experts is here to guide you through implementation, provide training, and ensure you’re harnessing the full potential of our platform. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate challenges, optimise processes, and achieve your practice goals.

Client-Centric Focus for Lasting Partnerships

We understand that technology is only as powerful as the relationships it fosters. Our client-centric approach emphasises open communication, seamless transitions, and ongoing support. We’re not just a software provider; we’re your ally in building strong client relationships, ensuring you can deliver the exceptional service your clients deserve.

Innovating Today for Tomorrow’s Legal Landscape

As the legal industry evolves, so do we. Our commitment to continuous innovation means you’re always equipped with the latest tools to thrive in a changing landscape. Whether it’s automating tasks, staying compliant with regulations, or adapting to new client expectations, our software evolves with you.

Empowering Law Firms with Cutting-Edge Solutions


Our Cloud solution grants you the freedom to work securely from any location, at any time. With PracticeEvolve, you can reduce your total cost of ownership while gaining unparalleled flexibility. Embrace the benefits of the Cloud and unlock new possibilities for your law firm.


Our Client Success Programme, alongside EvolveCommunity, is dedicated to educating users and empowering them to maximise the full potential of our software. Gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise to optimise your workflows and achieve peak performance.


Our solution easily integrates with third-party software, delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency across all roles within your law firm. Experience the seamless flow of information across all your essential tools, eliminating silos and streamlining your workflows.

“I cannot recommend PracticeEvolve enough. I am grateful for the positive interactions we have had with the team and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. We know most of your team and it feels like being part of a family. Thank you for the exceptional service.”

Chalitha Medagoda, Enyo Lawyers

“As a firm, we believe in building long term strong and strategic relationships with our suppliers and working in partnership with them to our mutual benefit. PracticeEvolve share the same values as us and we are very much looking forward to developing our relationship with them, which we are sure will be a long, successful and happy one.”

“Without a doubt, I recommend PracticeEvolve to other law firms. The system offers numerous benefits that any law firm would find valuable. Compared to outdated desktop-based systems, it is much quicker and simpler to use. For a streamlined and efficient workflow, PracticeEvolve is an absolute must-have.”

Sherrie Rossiter, Galbally Parker Lawyers

“After experiencing its benefits first hand, we highly recommend PracticeEvolve to other law firms. The system has proven to be an excellent fit for our needs. We’ve found the logical layout for files and the single source of truth approach to be especially exceptional in improving our operations. We truly believe that PracticeEvolve can bring significant benefits to any law firm.”

“Our experience with PracticeEvolve has been truly fantastic. Every single staff member has wholeheartedly embraced the change with genuine enthusiasm and without a single complaint. The level of satisfaction among the team is evident, reflecting the remarkable impact and value that PracticeEvolve has brought to our operations. The transformation we have undergone with PracticeEvolve has been fabulous.”

Experience the PracticeEvolve Difference.

Discover the PracticeEvolve difference – where software meets service to transform your legal practice. Join hands with a partner that’s not only invested in technology but also in your success. Elevate your practice with software that’s backed by a dedicated team, enabling you to navigate challenges, deliver exceptional client experiences, and achieve your professional aspirations. Experience “Software with a Service” – the PracticeEvolve way.

Software with a Service

Software with a Service

As a mid-tier law firm, you’ll require Cloud solutions with integrated capabilities that prioritise the client experience. Our approach goes beyond merely offering software; we provide a comprehensive level of service tailored to align perfectly with your firm’s specific needs and objectives.

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Offering a fully integrated system, designed to align with the operational needs and workflows of mid-tier law firms.

Software with a Service FAQs

What services does PracticeEvolve offer to assist our law firm in adopting your practice management software?2024-01-24T09:20:31+00:00

PracticeEvolve is committed to ensuring you select the right solution for your business. To achieve this, we begin by uncovering your needs through a series of key questions, understanding your challenges and requirements. Our services encompass data migration, implementation, training, and ongoing support.

Can you explain the process of data migration and how our existing data will be transferred to PracticeEvolve’s system?2024-01-24T09:21:22+00:00

Our dedicated data migration experts will set up and run trial migrations to ensure a stress-free transition. We follow a 4-step process: scoping, design, execution, and agile testing. We prioritise successful data migration, ensuring a smooth transfer of your client information, matter histories, documents, and more.

How does PracticeEvolve ensure a smooth and disruption-free implementation process for our firm?2024-01-24T09:22:02+00:00

Our implementation process begins by understanding your firm’s specific requirements. You’ll work closely with our expert development resources, product managers, and dedicated implementation staff to ensure a successful migration. An agile approach mitigates risks, and dry runs are carried out before go-live to reduce disruptions.

What training options are available to ensure our team is proficient in using PracticeEvolve’s software effectively?2024-01-24T09:22:45+00:00

Training is imperative to success, and we take it seriously. Our training programs are tailored to your firm’s needs and can be conducted onsite or online. A Project Manager and Client Success team will provide an outline plan and support your team during the training process. You will also have complementary access to our EvolveCommunity on-demand learning platform, to help your current and new staff upskill and maximise the use of our software.

How does PracticeEvolve provide ongoing support to our firm after implementing the software?2024-01-24T09:23:27+00:00

We are committed to providing long-term support. You’ll have access to a Client Success Consultant who will offer training plans and support to continuously enhance your competency in using the software. We offer regular training webinars throughout the year to keep your team updated with the latest functionality. You will also have complementary access to our EvolveCommunity on-demand learning platform, to help your current and new staff upskill and maximise the use of our software as it evolves.

What channels are available for contacting PracticeEvolve’s support team, and how responsive is the support provided?2024-01-24T09:24:12+00:00

You can reach our support team through various channels, including phone, email, and our online portal. We also provide remote, online meetings for efficient issue resolution. Our User Forum allows you to connect with other users for additional insights and support.

How does PracticeEvolve ensure professionalism and knowledge in resolving support issues?2024-01-24T09:31:17+00:00

We pride ourselves on professionalism and knowledge. Over 80% of our users agree that our team possesses a depth of knowledge that contributes to efficient issue resolution. We are dedicated to continuously improving our support in terms of channels, response times, and first-time fixes, ensuring you’re in safe hands with PracticeEvolve.