Today’s law firms are implementing legal practice management systems to streamline their workflows. However, these software and platforms can also be harnessed to address recruitment and retention challenges in the industry. To get started on these efforts, it is crucial to first grasp the underlying reasons behind the difficulties in finding and retaining skilled talent.

Below, we’ll explore why it has become more challenging to find and retain skilled talent and how legal practice management systems can help.

  • Growing competition for legal talent — The demand for legal services has surged in recent years, thanks in part to globalisation, regulatory changes and the increasing complexity of legal matters. This has created a highly competitive environment where law firms, corporations and other organisations fight for the best in a limited pool of skilled legal professionals.
  • Evolving expectations of the profession — The modern legal professional is no longer motivated solely by traditional factors such as salary and prestige. According to a recent survey, younger generations are also seeking a work environment that aligns with their values, offers opportunities for personal and professional growth and provides a sense of purpose beyond making money. So, just as firms modernise the workplace with legal practice management systems, they must also cultivate a culture of inclusion, advancement and community.
  • Work-life balance in a high-pressure environment — In line with cultivating a better culture for legal professionals, firms need to take better care of their talent. Lawyers face long hours and extreme pressures that contribute to burnout, anxiety and depression. Legal professionals, especially from newer generations, prioritise work-life balance through flexible work schedules, remote work options and wellness initiatives.

Leveraging legal practice management systems in recruitment and retention

Nurture professional development

With legal practice management systems, firms can analyse data to identify skill gaps and workflow inefficiencies to create targeted training programs. Not only does this enhance the expertise of existing employees, but it also attracts new talent who value professional growth in the workplace.

And as legal practice management systems evolve with technologies like AI, there is increasing importance for lawyers to develop digital expertise. In fact, Goldman Sachs found legal professionals to have one of the highest exposures to AI and automation among other jobs. Lawyers who can apply these technologies to legal skills, such as e-discovery, document management and client communication, will be well-positioned for success in an increasingly digitalised field.

Streamline workflows and enhance work-life balance

Legal practice management systems simplify workflows and automate processes, significantly reducing administrative burdens. Case in point: In 2017, JP Morgan Chase & Co. rolled out a machine learning program called COIN, short for Contract Intelligence, which automated up to 360,000 hours of legal tasks. Rather than seeing it as displacing legal professionals, JP Morgan’s then-Chief Information Officer, Dana Deasy, noted that it enabled professionals to focus on high-value tasks.

By eliminating time-consuming tasks, legal professionals can focus on the more fulfilling aspects of their work, such as client interactions and crafting strategic approaches. This can create a simultaneous effect of mitigating burnout in an otherwise high-stress environment and improving overall job satisfaction.

As a knock-on effect of streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration, legal professionals can focus on improving work-life balance. Legal practice management systems that enable remote collaboration and flexible work hours can be attractive to younger generations of skilled legal talent.

Improve recruitment and retention with legal management software from PracticeEvolve

Legal practice management systems can transform law firms into attractive destinations for emerging talent. More importantly, it can foster an environment that supports employees’ growth and thrives in the high-pressure environment that is the legal sector.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to solve your recruitment and retention issues, invest in legal management software from PracticeEvolve. With technologies like automation and cloud computing, we can help you deploy a legal practice management system that transforms your workplace. Contact us today for a demo.