Practice Management

Practice Management2024-02-02T06:03:49+00:00

Streamlined legal practice management for mid-tier firms.

Discover a practice management solution designed to fit the needs of mid-sized law firms – PracticeEvolve. Our comprehensive platform simplifies operations, reduces costs, and elevates efficiency, all with your firm’s size in mind.

Empower your team to work smarter with our automated system, providing easy access to up-to-date matter information from a single digital hub. The user-friendly interface and dynamic features streamline data retrieval, allowing you to quickly find what you need. By minimising administrative tasks and optimising processes, PracticeEvolve frees up your valuable time to focus on clients and revenue generation.

Experience a seamless workflow, heightened productivity, and enhanced profitability with PracticeEvolve – the preferred practice management software for mid-sized law firms.

Streamline your legal practice management experience with PracticeEvolve.

All Your Matters in One Place

Say goodbye to scattered information across various platforms and folders and experience the convenience of having all your matters in one place. With PracticeEvolve, you gain a holistic view of your clients’ matters, saving valuable time and eliminating the need for tedious searches. Work more intuitively with quick access to past and current file versions, important dates, key figures, and more. Our daily digest feature also acts as your personal assistant keeping you informed of your daily activity, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Simplify Your Workflow

PracticeEvolve’s practice management platform offers sets of tasks that can be applied across your entire practice, saving you time and effort. Our intelligent workflows automatically assign the right tasks, complete with all necessary documents, to the appropriate team members at the perfect moment – no more manual task allocation or confusion. Stay organised and ensure tasks are handled by the right person, at the right time. Tasks appear only when prerequisite tasks have been successfully completed. This smart sequencing keeps your team focused, avoids unnecessary delays, and maintains a smooth workflow.

Get More Done, Anywhere

Unlock your team’s potential for optimal productivity with PracticeEvolve’s versatile features that empower you to easily collaborate with your staff, ensuring everyone remains on track and well-informed. Multiple users can effortlessly work on the same matter, accessing all essential documents, emails, and notes from a centralised location. Everyone gains full file accessibility, allowing for quick handoffs and seamless continuation of work. With PracticeEvolve’s mobile app for lawyers, your teams have the freedom to work efficiently from any location even without an internet connection.

Time Tracking Made Easy

Experience the ultimate efficiency in matter handling with PracticeEvolve’s AutoTime feature. This powerful law firm time recording functionality automatically tracks and associates all your actions in Microsoft Word and Outlook with the relevant matter. No more manual timers or paper records – AutoTime handles it all seamlessly. From document generation to email correspondence, note-taking, and meetings, every moment is captured and transformed into detailed, ready-to-bill time entries. Stay focused on your work while ensuring accurate time tracking with AutoTime.

Customised for Your Practice Area

PracticeEvolve comes pre-built with matter types and automated precedents for common practice areas such as Family Law, Wills & Estates, Conveyancing, Litigation, and more. You can also easily customise forms and letters using our integration with Microsoft Word.

Integrate with Confidence

PracticeEvolve integrates with other tools and software to further enhance your workflow and efficiency.

“The convenience of having everything consolidated on the matter card is a game-changer. Going paperless during Covid made us realise the inefficiencies of managing both physical and electronic files. With PracticeEvolve, it is a one-stop shop where we can see everything related to a matter. It is a significant improvement for our firm.”

Software with a Service

Software with a Service

As a mid-tier law firm, you’ll require Cloud solutions with integrated capabilities that prioritise the client experience. Our approach goes beyond merely offering software; we provide a comprehensive level of service tailored to align perfectly with your firm’s specific needs and objectives.

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Offering a fully integrated system, designed to align with the operational needs and workflows of mid-tier law firms.

Practice Management FAQs

What are the key benefits of using your practice management software for our mid-sized law firm?2024-01-24T07:54:00+00:00

PracticeEvolve practice management software combines our productivity suite and legal accounting into an all-in-one, easy to use platform, that has been specifically designed to accommodate the operational needs and workflows of mid-sized law firms. It centralises matter information, automates tasks, automatically tracks activity, and offers robust document management and financial features, making your workflow more efficient.

How does your software support remote work and mobility, which is essential for our firm’s flexibility?2024-01-24T07:56:23+00:00

Our cloud-based solution ensures that you can access your practice management tools securely from anywhere with or without an internet connection. Additionally, our mobile app for lawyers allows for efficient on-the-go work, even without an internet connection.

Can your software handle multiple practice areas or is it customizable for our specific legal focus?2024-01-24T07:58:08+00:00

Our software is versatile and can handle multiple practice areas. It comes pre-built with matter types and automated precedents for common practice areas. You can also easily customise forms and letters using our integration with Microsoft Word.

How does your software ensure data security and compliance with legal industry regulations?2024-01-24T08:00:42+00:00

We prioritise data security, compliance and client due diligence. Our software employs robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, conflict checks, VOI checks and regular updates to adhere to industry regulations for client confidentiality.

Can your software integrate with our existing tools and software to streamline our workflow?2024-01-24T08:02:10+00:00

Yes, through an Open API our software offers integration capabilities with other tools and software commonly used in legal practices, ensuring compatibility and a seamless workflow.

How does your software handle time tracking and billing, and can it accommodate different billing methods?2024-01-24T08:03:24+00:00

Our software includes automatic time tracking features to record billable hours accurately and includes a tailored online approval process and automated options for issuance of invoices to ensure prompt payment and revenue collection. PracticeEvolve also offers the flexibility to create multiple billing rates and support multiple ways to generate invoices and statements, allowing law firms to choose their preferred invoicing methods.

Does your software offer reporting and analytics to help us analyse our firm’s performance and make informed decisions?2024-01-24T08:04:11+00:00

Yes, our software provides reporting and analytics tools that offer insights into various aspects of your firm’s performance, including lead management, financial metrics, matter status, resource utilisation and much more. You gain access to customisable digital reports fuelled by live data and interactive dashboards tailored to display information relevant to specific roles within your firm, enabling you to make timely decisions based on accurate data.

How user-friendly is your software, and do you offer training and support resources for our team?2024-01-24T08:04:52+00:00

Our software is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and we provide comprehensive training and support resources to ensure your team can effectively utilise our tools. This includes complimentary client access to our EvolveCommunity online learning platform.

Can your software assist in automating our workflow and processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks?2024-01-24T08:05:48+00:00

Absolutely. Our software includes workflow and task automation features to streamline routine tasks, ensuring consistency and freeing up your team’s time for more critical work.

Does your software integrate with other financial tools or accounting software that our firm may use?2024-01-24T08:08:25+00:00

No, our practice management software comes with a legal accounting solution that we custom-built for the legal sector. This solution includes all the necessary features and tools required for efficient law firm accounting and financial management. You won’t need additional financial tools or accounting software as our integrated solution covers all your accounting needs.

What is the pricing structure for your software, and are there any hidden costs or ongoing fees we should be aware of?2024-01-24T08:11:09+00:00

We offer transparent pricing structures with no hidden costs. Our pricing typically includes licensing fees and implementation costs. For more information, contact our sales team who will provide you with a clear breakdown of all expenses.