Building the Foundations of a Future-Proof Legal Community

Welcome to PracticeEvolve’s INTEL Series, essential webinars for the Australian legal sector, focusing on Innovation, Networking, Technology, Education, and Leadership. These sessions provide key insights and tools for today’s dynamic legal environment.

Why INTEL? Guided by experts who redefine legal norms, INTEL delivers forward-thinking strategies for tomorrow’s practice, enhancing resilience, strategic insight, and innovation.

Who should join? If you’re a visionary, innovator, or leader keen on shaping a future-proof legal industry, INTEL is crafted for you. Join us to lead your practice into the future.

The INTEL Webinar Series

‘Legal Design Thinking for Future-Ready Firms’ with Melissa Lyon

May 16, 2024 12:00 PM (AEST)

Reshape the way you think about innovation in the legal industry by immersing yourself in the transformative concept of Legal Design Thinking. Join us for an engaging webinar designed to introduce you to this methodology and show you how to apply it to enhance your law firm’s strategy, innovation, and client engagement.

‘The Art of Modern Law Firm Strategy: Mastering Purpose, Positioning & Pricing’ with John Chisholm

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Explore the critical role of Purpose, Positioning, and Pricing in defining your law firm’s strategy. These three elements are crucial for setting your practice apart in a crowded legal marketplace, providing a straightforward path to strategic success and a competitive edge.

‘The Good, The Bad & The CISO’ with Jade Peace

Watch On-Demand

Access expert guidance on demand from Jade Peace, Legal Compliance Manager at LEXTECH and ISO/IEC 27001 Internal Auditor. With her background as an Australian Legal Practitioner specialized in Fintech & Proptech, Jade offers key strategies for cyber resilience and compliance, vital for safeguarding your law firm in the digital era.

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