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“PracticeEvolve’s cloud-based system enables easy remote access, granting our staff the freedom to work efficiently from anywhere. No more reliance on physical storage or cumbersome VPNs – it’s a game-changer for our modern law firm.”

Sheree Rossier, Galbally Parker Lawyers

Key Insights

  • Galbally Parker Lawyers faced challenges with their outdated practice management system, hindering their efficiency and adaptability.

  • The firm transitioned to EvolveGo, a cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface and accrual-based accounting functionality, streamlining operations.

  • EvolveGo enabled flexible remote work capabilities, effortless onboarding, and training, saving time and reducing the learning curve for new employees.

  • The cloud-based system provided enhanced efficiency and centralised insights for Accounts staff.

  • The exceptional support and service provided by the EvolveGo team contributed to a successful adoption of the system and its positive impact on Galbally Parker Lawyers’ operations.

Leaving Legacy Systems Behind: Galbally Parker’s Transition to EvolveGo’s Cloud-Based Solution for Optimal Workflows

Galbally Parker Lawyers is a Melbourne-based law firm that specialises exclusively in criminal defence law. Their experienced criminal defence lawyers offer a discreet boutique service to deliver the best representation for their clients. However, the firm had been grappling with a range of challenges posed by their outdated practice management system, which proved to be ill-suited for the firm’s evolving needs. Its lack of remote work capabilities and reliance on physical storage hindered the firm’s ability to operate efficiently in an increasingly digital and mobile-driven world. Furthermore, the complex navigation within the system posed obstacles to accessing features, impeding productivity and workflow.

Recognising the need for a more modern solution, Galbally Parker Lawyers began exploring alternative options. Their journey led them to discover EvolveGo, a cloud-based system with a user-friendly interface and robust feature set. Sherrie Rossiter, Executive Assistant & Office Manager at the firm noted one crucial aspect that set EvolveGo apart from other solutions was the incorporation of accrual-based accounting functionality. It is invaluable in facilitating accurate financial management for the firm, enabling them to effectively track and manage their finances in a streamlined manner.

Streamlined Operations and Improved Efficiency

The implementation of EvolveGo brought numerous benefits to Galbally Parker Lawyers, streamlining their operations and improving efficiency across various aspects of their processes.

Flexible Work and Effortless Onboarding

Convenient Remote Access

The cloud-based nature of EvolveGo allows staff to conveniently access the system remotely from various locations, eliminating the need for a portal and VPN, resulting in a smoother remote working experience and increased flexibility for the team.

“In today’s remote working world, having a modern, cloud-based solution without physical storage is a significant advantage. Our staff can now access everything offsite using their laptops, whether they’re working from home, courtrooms, or any other location. Unlike our previous system that required a portal and VPN, EvolveGo provides an efficient remote work experience, eliminating the hassle and slowdowns.”

Improved Onboarding and Training

EvolveGo’s user-friendly interface simplifies the onboarding of both existing and new employees, making the training process more efficient. The intuitive nature of EvolveGo ensures a smooth transition to the system, allowing staff members to adapt quickly and become productive in a shorter time period. This ease of use not only saves time but also reduces the learning curve associated with implementing a new system.

“Legal Accounting, being a niche field, requires a system specifically tailored for handling legal accounts. EvolveGo delivers against that and has helped us implement best practice. The user-friendly and intuitive nature of the system is invaluable to a busy firm like ours. Unlike our previous system with its multiple steps to access features, EvolveGo simplifies everything with a single click. We have experienced firsthand the value of its user-centric design during employee onboarding, allowing for smooth training and quick adaptation. This streamlined experience has been instrumental in maintaining uninterrupted productivity during our transition, providing our team members with a smooth journey.”

Enhanced Efficiency and Centralised Insights for Accounts Staff

Enhanced Efficiency in Day-to-Day Role

The transition to EvolveGo significantly improved the efficiency of day-to-day tasks for the accounting team. Tasks that previously took hours to complete, such as generating and running invoices, are now accomplished within minutes. The system provides a comprehensive breakdown of information, including billable hours and disbursements, enabling quick access and improved data management.

“Since implementing the EvolveGo system, the efficiency of my role has undergone a remarkable transformation. In the past, I would spend an average of an hour searching for and completing certain tasks in our previous system. However, with the implementation of EvolveGo, accessing detailed information has become easier and faster. What used to take me 10 minutes of searching can now be accomplished within a matter of seconds. The time saved allows me to focus on more important aspects of my work.”

Customisable Dashboards

EvolveGo’s customisable dashboards enables Galbally Parker to display key financial and operational information in one place, allowing for an efficient overview of their matters, tasks, trust management, and payment monitoring. It means navigation is streamlined and facilitates quick access to specific information.

“The Accounting Dashboard in EvolveGo serves as my go-to homepage, providing a detailed overview of our financial and operational aspects. It presents crucial information such as office cash accounts, trust cash accounts, pending transfers between trust and office, aged debtors and creditors, as well as recent activities. From my home Dashboard, with one click I can be drilling into further detail and seamlessly navigate to individual matters. From monitoring outstanding debts to keeping track of our own financial obligations, everything is conveniently consolidated in one centralised location.”

Efficient Reporting and Real-Time Data

With EvolveGo, the firm experience quicker and easier reconciliation of data through live updates, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information for effective reporting and decision-making. Real-time access to data improves the firm’s ability to respond to enquiries and make informed decisions promptly.

“Having live data is a game-changer. When someone asks me a question or I’m in a meeting, I can provide them with the most up-to-date information within minutes. It’s incredibly valuable, especially in fast-paced conversations where data changes rapidly. Witnessing the rolling effect of real-time updates or edits is very satisfying.”

Customisation and Expansion of Workflows

Galbally Parker took advantage of EvolveGo’s customisation facility to implement an invoice approval process, which prevents errors before finalising invoices. The team also utilise additional reports and expanded features to enhance functionality, such as integrating credit card management within the system for centralised information. This tailored approach not only ensures improved cashflow but also contributes to the overall health and success of the business.

“We made several customisations to EvolveGo, including the implementation of an invoice approval process. This ensures that any errors are caught before finalising the invoices, improving accuracy and efficiency. It’s particularly beneficial when onboarding new team members, as our Director has the final say in approving their invoices as well.

We have also properly set up our credit cards within the system, enabling us to conveniently view and manage credit card transactions. This expansion from just office and trust accounts to include credit cards has centralised all our financial information, making it easier to access and manage in one place. As we continue to explore the system and discover new features, we actively implement those that prove to be effective for our needs. This ongoing process of optimisation allows us to maximise the benefits and efficiency of our system.”

A User-Friendly Solution Backed by Exceptional Support

The support and service provided by the EvolveGo team to Galbally Parker have been outstanding throughout the implementation process and beyond. From the beginning, the collaborative approach taken by the team ensured a smooth transition, with close guidance provided every step of the way.

One of the key strengths of EvolveGo team lies in their prompt resolution of issues. Galbally Parker received instant support during the initial stages, which greatly contributed to the successful adoption of the system among its staff members. Troubleshooting was made easy due to the system’s intuitive interface, and whenever assistance was required, reliable support was readily available.

The transparency and clear communication exhibited by the EvolveGo support team further enhanced Galbally Parker’s experience. The team ensured that any unresolved issues were properly addressed, providing understanding, and offering workarounds where necessary. This commitment to providing quality service aligns with EvolveGo’s ethos of “software with a service,” guaranteeing that their clients receive the utmost care and attention.

“Our support experience, from implementation to going live, has been exceptional. The team was there for us right from the start and with their guidance, navigating the implementation process was smooth. Clear instructions were provided, and any issues or bugs we encountered were promptly resolved. They truly embody the concept of ‘software with a service.’ Their system is intuitively designed, and they consistently went the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. Even when faced with larger issues, they remained transparent and offered temporary workarounds until a permanent solution was implemented. We have full confidence in their commitment to delivering outstanding service alongside their software.”

EvolveGo’s impact on Galbally Parker’s operations has been significant. The solution has enhanced productivity, simplified processes, and provided useful tools like analytics that are indispensable for a law firm. Moreover, the user-friendly nature and ease of use of the system have contributed to seamless onboarding and training of new staff members. This not only saves time but also ensures that everyone in the firm can quickly adapt to and maximise the benefits of the platform.

Based on their positive experience, Galbally Parker wholeheartedly recommends EvolveGo to other law firms. They emphasise the solution’s efficiency, modern features, and overall benefits in improving workflows and delivering exceptional service to clients. EvolveGo has proven to be a highly recommended solution for law firms, enabling them to streamline their operations and achieve greater success in the industry.

“Without a doubt, I recommend the EvolveGo system to other law firms. The system offers numerous benefits that any law firm would find valuable. Compared to outdated desktop-based systems, it is much quicker and simpler to use. For a streamlined and efficient workflow, EvolveGo is an absolute must-have.”

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