Remain in control with future-proof processes.

PracticeEvolve provides law firms with a comprehensive and compliant trust funds management solution, empowering them to seamlessly adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements. PracticeEvolve’s financial management tools allow clients to easily record transactions, reconcile accounts, keep accurate records, issue statements and utilise full trust and controlled money reporting in one integrated system.

With PracticeEvolve’s solution, law firms can confidently handle client funds, demonstrating their commitment to financial integrity and building trust with clients.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Bulk Trust to Office Transfer

Experience effortless trust transfers at both firm and matter levels with PracticeEvolve’s client funds management solution. Our intuitive tools and Dashboards take care of the thinking for you, simplifying the process. With our solution, you can easily set up and maintain approval flows within the system, ensuring smooth and efficient management of client funds.

Protected Funds

PracticeEvolve offers an integrated Allotted Funds feature, enabling firms to securely set aside trust monies for specific purposes, thereby facilitating adherence to trust regulations. When the time comes for withdrawal, these earmarked funds can be released, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process.

Trust Reporting and Audit Capabilities

PracticeEvolve makes audit reporting simple by automatically collating all reports required to demonstrate compliance into one comprehensive audit pack that can be scheduled to arrive in your inbox when you need it. With a full suite of Trust reports, PracticeEvolve caters for all Trust and Controlled/Investment money reporting requirements.

Compliance Controls and Transaction Monitoring

PracticeEvolve simplifies compliance maintenance by offering a comprehensive, fully integrated cloud-based trust accounting system, complete with essential tools, reports, and controls. Among these tools is the capability to seamlessly uphold complete transactional traceability through an in-system audit trail.